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When you’re into sports, the only thing that makes all the difference is ‘Time’. And when it’s about time, the only thing that ticks is a watch that goes hand in hand with the type of activity you’re engaged in. So rough outdoors need tough watches, dark fuzzy depths of the sea need resilient, water-proof watches with bold, glowing markers that show up even when the watch is not exposed to light for long.

We at Optik Planet bring to you specialized watches that bear with your unique outdoor needs. So if you’re an avid swimmer, or better, a scuba diver, you cannot do without Momentum, the world’s number one watch for scuba divers. And if you’re a professional athlete, Reactor is the professional watch to go for. Best quality components are picked from around the world to make this watch so special.

Dakota’s watches are a must-go for those who want to clip their watch instead of wearing it. It doesn’t end at professional sports & dive watches, there are also casual, ladies watches all available at Optik Planet. So check out the latest designs in the finest Watch brands on Optik Planet.


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