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When you have to work in hazardous situations as part of your everyday job, and you encounter highly flammable, gases, highly explosive chemicals, fire or water, then you need a light that is sealed to prevent any of these hazards penetrating or damaging the casing and consequently being ignited by electrical sparks.

A safe, quality and reliable Safety Light is exactly that and we at Optik Planet offer a wide range of explosion proof compressed air powered portable flood lamps and spot lamps, torches, hand lamps and headlamps.

So whether you’re working in firefighting and rescue, oil, gas, petrochemicals, aviation, marine, offshore, pharmaceuticals, water treatment or mining sector, we have Safety Lighting products for all purposes, the correct apparatus for every hazardous area and application.

Use our air-powered portable flood lamps in Marine Tanker Fleets, Fuel Terminals, Tank Cleaning & Coating, Underwater Salvage, Ammunition Storage areas, Paint Shops, Aircraft Hangers, Ship Fuel Storage areas, Construction sites, General Shipyard use, underground lighting, coal bunkers, Aircraft inspection and repair, Ship builders and Ship yards, sandblasting, emergency lighting, mining and tunneling, shaft sinking and paper mills, sewer and wastewater. So visit Optik Planet and explore the complete list of Safety Lights that we have on offer.


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